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Russ Tannen 'DICE' (Live Music, Promotions, Moving to the USA)

Russ Tannen 'DICE' (Live Music, Promotions, Moving to the USA)

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Here we are. Episode 80 of this little podcast that I launched back in 2018. Since then I have spoken to music business execs from the world of record labels, publishing, artist management, sync, artists themselves and also live music which is where my very special guest number 80 comes from.
Russ Tannen is the president of DICE. At their core DICE is a ticketing business but as you will hear from our conversation they have become so much more than that and are continuing to grow and develop in really interesting ways.
Russ is based in NYC and we met up over a video call and talked about his journey from a 15 year old Hardcore kid from the Isle of White putting on shows in his local pub that he couldnt even attend because he was too young to being the president of a multinational live music business with 460 employees worldwide.
I had a lot of fun talking to Russ and hearing how much we had in common growing up when it comes to music. Please forgive the alarm that you might be able to hear in the background. There was a test going on at the DICE building whilst we spoke.
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In conversation with a cross section of music business professionals for those who want to start their journey through any part of the Music Industry.
The Behind the (Music) Business Podcast looks at the music industry and talks to those who work in it about their roles, interests and motivtions in order to find out more about the people 'behind the business'.
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