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Amanita Muscaria: The Application & Range of Effects of the 'Now' Mushroom | Marianne & Johan (#135)

Amanita Muscaria: The Application & Range of Effects of the 'Now' Mushroom | Marianne & Johan (#135)

Länge: 1:24:09
Marianne & Johan Niklasson have a teaching & therapy background, both are leading workshops and now together educate about the mushroom 'Amanita Muscaria' - to enable people to become natural magicians and manifest their dreams.
In this conversation Marianne & Johan share with us:
💡 The experiences of working with Amanita 
💡 The range of possible effects from its consumption
💡 And concrete recommendations of dosages and application
-- THEMES --
► Reprogramming your mind and accessing your 'source code'
► How Amanita can free ones Awarness
► The Re-identification from personality to essence
► Personality as pattern imprint in your whole body
► Effects: From micro-, macro to hero dosing
► The choice of how you want to be
► The reptile brain and its functioning
► Natural state of Innocence: Theta brain waves
► Finding your Inner Self
► Amanita: The 'Now' Mushroom
► Creating your wake reality by creating your dream realty
► The power of incantation
► The possible ways for consumption / dosage
► Using Amanita for physical, emotional, and mental health
► Spiritual, Esoteric, and “supernatural” aspects of using Amanita Muscaria
And much more!
► About Marianne & Johan Niklasson:
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Welcome to The Beyond Perception Podcast hosted by creative development trainer, explorer and entrepreneur Simon Rilling. On this Podcast we discover 'reality' and 'who we truly are' beyond preconceived concepts and beliefs. You'll hear from a vibrant blend of guests with unique perspectives beyond mainstream and normopathy. Guided by the intention to empower us to live a genuinely inspired life. And become who we truly are.


Holistic, authentic & personal!

Thank‘s for this thoroughly reflected podcast about personal / inner development !
What I like about it, is that Simon follows a holistic approach and not only focuses on one dimension (e.g. thoughts). He is open minded to different approaches which stretches the horizon of the listener!
Besides that, I like that it’s pretty authentic and down-to-earth and Simon shares Herz personal about experiences of his life and what has made a difference in him. One can relate and connect to that very well!
For this reason: 5 stars!
Thank you ✌️