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Optimizing People Potential for Peak Performance and Retention

Optimizing People Potential for Peak Performance and Retention

Länge: 31:59
Human performance can be a mystery. We can't control it, and every individual is unique and different.
How can we unlock team performance and bring the best out of our people? And how do we navigate the biggest shift in the last two years?
Claire Chandler joins us to walk through ways to unlock team performance and bring out the best in employees, including the importance of guiding organizations to tap into the unique qualities of their individuals.
Show Outline
1:01 - The biggest shift in the last two years that he’s seeing.4:12 - How do you guide organizations to unlock the uniqueness within the individuals they have?8:40 - How employee engagement and the culture within your workplace are a representation of your company’s culture.12:08 - The importance of building a culture of trust within the company.16:10 - Getting outside help is something that executives are willing to do.18:28 - Why it’s so important for leaders from the very top of an organization to have a unifying mission.22:40 - The whirlpool effect is a powerful example of what our business can do when we all get around that purpose and workflow.26:58 - The importance of reconnecting with other children when they are still children.
Notes from the Show: Episode 32
Team Performance Flywheel - tool image on the show notes page [mentioned 23:45 in the episode]Project Aristotle: research from Google (mentioned at 9:46)Don't Be That Guy: Five Soul-Crushing Behaviors of Toxic Leaders [Claire Chandler on Forbes.com]At 22:40, Claire mentions The Whirlpool Effect, her book that invites you to inspire the whirlpool effect to motivate greater company performance. Buy the Book on Amazon
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