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Marine Life of The Bay

Marine Life of The Bay

Länge: 42:41
In this final episode, Prof. Iain Stewart and guests head around the coast and underwater to explore the internationally protected marine environment of the Geopark.   Here the geology has created a wealth of intricate coves, sea caves and quiet nooks and crannies for a huge diversity of life to thrive both above and below water from gannets to guillemots, seagrass to seahorses and seals to whales! The group also discuss how the community of the area recognise the incredible importance of this rich resource and how they come together to help care for it. 
Jess Churchill-Bissett, Local Marine expert and  Marine Management Organisation
Duncan Kenny, co-founder of The Seal Project and a marine medic
Clare Rugg, Senior Curator at Wild Planet Trust
Warwick Saunders, Nautilus Dive & RIB Charters Brixham. 
With thanks to our series supporters, The English Riviera, Naturally Inspiring, The Sustainable Earth Institute, University of Plymouth, and Dan Bolt @  
Series Producers: Melanie Border and David Randall
Editor: David Randall
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Thank you for joining us on this journey to discover more about the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark, one of Earth’s Extraordinary Places. In this series of interviews, Geopark Patron Professor Iain Stewart explore what it is that makes this Geopark so special, from when the rocks around us were formed, to evidence of early humans and right up to artists and writers who are being inspired by the Geopark today.


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