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Ep. 12 - The Old Sycamore (Negligent Discharge)

Ep. 12 - The Old Sycamore (Negligent Discharge)

Länge: 1:07:20
The party tracks the mitflits to their lair where they find and face a gruesome evil.
Personnel: Bill Beard, Chris Bergman, Mike Fessinger, Donny Gore, and Brad Jarrett
Email: feedback@zerocheckpodcast.com
Pathfinder Second Edition and the Kingmaker Adventure Path are published by Paizo.
"Take the Lead" and other featured music were composed by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under Creative Commons by: Attribution 4.0 License.
All ambiances were composed by Michael Ghelfi Studios.
Thank you for listening to The Zero Check.
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ZeroCheckPodcast.com is a Pathfinder 2e Actual Play podcast of Paizo's Kingmaker Adventure Path. Five gaming friends join together to share what it's like to kick back, roll some table top dice, riff on each other, and crack jokes.


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