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Phil Kirschner - Activating the workplace

Phil Kirschner - Activating the workplace

The future of offices, workplace activation and purpose
Länge: 38:38
This week's guest is Phil Kirschner, Senior Expert and Associate Partner of Real Estate, People and Organizational Performance at Mckinsey. 
Phil has spent the past decade working at the forefront of innovation in workplace strategy for organisations like Credit Suisse, JLL and WeWork. 
He now advises executive teams on the future of work and post-pandemic workplace strategies, including how to innovate while also smoothing the path for new ways of working.
We had a great chat in which we discussed why businesses should be thinking about workplace activation, the effect of an employee's experience on their propensity to come into the office, the future of the flexible and near-home market and why purpose matters.
If you enjoy listening, check out my previous conversations with Dror Poleg, Lynda Gratton and Tim Oldman, which I'll link to in the show notes.
You'll also hear the latest research on hybrid and remote working in next week's show when I interview Christine Armstrong.
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