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Episode 75: Rejecting Modernity, Mainstream Media, The War on Masculinity

Episode 75: Rejecting Modernity, Mainstream Media, The War on Masculinity

Länge: 31:19
We talk how the mainstream media is encouraging men to be feminine and that’s it okay to be weak. We discuss why the opposite is true, why body negativity should exist and why you should embrace masculinity. No women wants a weak husband. No child wants a weak father. No employee wants a weak boss. No client wants a weak agency owner. You need to develop an OBSESSION with what you want to achieve in life. Most people fail because they give up what they want most for what they want now. If you enjoy, please consider giving us a review and follow for weekly episode notifications!
0:00-5:00 (Rejecting Modernity) 
5:00-30:00 (Debunking Wokeness, Fresh and Fit, Coontroversy, The World Is Starting To Change)
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thebusinessholics is an everything SMMA and self improvement podcast, showing you the listeners how to scale to $10k fast. Every week, we sit down with the biggest names in the industry and they explain how they’ve been able to scale their agencies to $100k+ per month. Headed by three hosts who have been in the game since 2020, we give our insight on all that we’ve learned throughout the years and the best tips we have for all of you. Many overestimate what they could do in one year but underestimate what they could do in ten. We talk masculinity, escaping the matrix, and making money.


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