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Compelled By Compassion: What Got You Here, Greg JB?

Compelled By Compassion: What Got You Here, Greg JB?

Länge: 1:28:38
In this month's podcast, I sit down with Greg Joondeph-Breidbart, known lovingly as Greg "JB." Greg is currently the SVP of Engineering at Buoy, responsible for all engineering efforts, and held previous analytics and engineering leadership roles at CarGurus and athenahealth. He lives in Massachusetts with his husband and two cats. When he is not working, you can find him rocking out with the band Handsome - check them out! 
Greg shares his leadership journey from learning to stand in his own values and find the support to show up fully as himself at work, through learning how to lead others in a human-centered, empathetic way. We also take some detours to talk about rock n' roll, and trash talk some leadership styles we're collectively not too fond of. 
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A podcast for leaders about the moments that shape us and help us become the leaders (and humans) we aspire to be.


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