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The Importance of Imperfection with Valerie McIntyre Baird

The Importance of Imperfection with Valerie McIntyre Baird

Länge: 1:06:21
Valerie McIntyre-Baird spent over 25 years leading technology teams to reach their potential in the energy, utility, banking and technology industries. Over the last 6 years, Valerie has developed a private practice (based in Victoria, B.C.) as a trusted Executive Coach (ICF), Mentor and Certified Forest Therapy Guide (ANFT) for clients around the world. Her unique approach incorporates guided time in nature in support of mental health and overall wellbeing. This conversation is calm, collected, curious and lots of other beautiful c’s - listening over it for the edit filled my heart and I feel like it wraps up this year perfectly.
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Photographer Emma Croman talks to guests every week about identifying the hurdles that stand in our way of creating and how we can work with these hurdles rather than fight against them. Every week there will be a new conversation with experts in the creative world on what can be major blocks for us to create. The episodes are thoughtful, inspiring and constructive.


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