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Interview with Justin J.W. Powell

Interview with Justin J.W. Powell

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Justin J.W. Powell has been Professor of Sociology of Education in the Institute of Education & Society at the University of Luxembourg since 2012. His comparative institutional analyses of educational systems chart persistence and change in special and inclusive education, in vocational training and higher education, and in science and research policy. His research—bridging sociology, political science, and education—has been widely published in English and German and received numerous international awards.
Recent books include Barriers to Inclusion (Routledge, 2011/2016), Comparing Special Education: Origins to Contemporary Paradoxes (Stanford UP, 2011), The Century of Science: The Global Triumph of the Research University (Emerald, 2017), and European Educational Research (Re)Constructed: Institutional Change in Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway and the European Union (Oxford: Symposium Books).
In 2017, he co-founded the Luxembourg Educational Research Association (LuxERA).
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