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Picking Podcast Categories So You Can Rank High

Picking Podcast Categories So You Can Rank High

Länge: 13:17
I've got a great topic for you today. We are talking about the four key things you need to know about podcast categories when it comes to making sure your show ranks, you have a great launch and you get seen by the right people. 
If you haven't launched a show, you are going to want to learn and listen to today's topic.
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In this episode:
- Facebook Post Mentioned
- How to do a competitive analysis of podcast categories in your space
- Be in the right logical category for your show
- How to be make use of the primary and second categories of Apple Podcast
- These are the most crowded categories in Apple Podcasts article by Dan Misener
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This is a no BS guide to launching a podcast that helps you grow your brand and business. I've personally launched over 50 podcasts for clients in several different industries. The strategies I share here are the results of success and failure.
I've lived and breathed podcasting for the past 4 years and on this podcast, you'll hear my best advice for successful business owners, brands and entrepreneurs who are looking to podcasting launch a podcast that takes off and establishes you as the go person in your space.
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