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John Beilein - How Our Losses Create Our Wins

John Beilein - How Our Losses Create Our Wins

Länge: 45:30
Join us for a discussion with the former University of Michigan and Cleveland Cavaliers basketball head coach, John Beilein.  John has been a head basketball coach for 45 years and has amassed over 800 wins. In our conversation, John tells how the Michigan Basketball team created a culture change that has propelled them into national prominence.  Since enacting their change, no team has won more NCAA tournament games. In this episode, John gives you the playbook to create your turnaround and speaks to how to build culture, how to engrain in your day-to-day, and why it's the most important thing for you to prioritize.
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Compass is on a mission to strengthen leaders and to improve culture and ultimately…we want to make people’s lives better at work. Hosted by Culture Strategist, Steve Wasik, Leading Change is a podcast aimed at solving the all-important question facing business leaders today: How do I improve the culture of my team? To solve this puzzle, we will be hearing from real leaders who have lead real change. Tune in to hear stories, draw inspiration, and gather takeaways to grow and improve the culture of your team.


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