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The Shift to Small Neighborhood Stores

The Shift to Small Neighborhood Stores

Länge: 40:29
It may be the single most important strategic and structural shift in retail’s recent history: the return of the small neighborhood store. Whether a traditional department store, big box behemoth or digital native going physical, the small store format delivers on consumer demand for better experience, personalization, and convenience. Join Robin Lewis and Shelley E. Kohan as they discuss this emerging trend, aided and abetted by technology and data analytics that make the small store relevant to local customers on a personal basis.
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The Robin Report Podcast Series is hosted by Robin Lewis, best-selling author and CEO of The Robin Report, who provides insights and opinions on major topics in the retail and consumer product industries. Leading retailers and industry experts join Robin to deliver opinionated and unbiased analysis of retail, brands and consumer products. The shows are presented as lively conversations on industry-wide issues, trends and consumer behavior.


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