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BFFR: The Overlooked Step to Achieving Your Goals in 2023

BFFR: The Overlooked Step to Achieving Your Goals in 2023

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Hey baddies! Welcome back to our December series on reflecting and planning for the new year. Today, Alexis dives into the #1 thing helping her recover form this year: taking responsibility for where you are and learning how to BFFR with yourself. Hear how she develops frameworks for failure and how that can help you level ip this year.
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The Tea on my 2023 Goals, Product Favorites from 2022, and How to Live a High-End Life when You Don’t Have Unlimited Funds
Hey baddies! It’s the final episode of 2022 and I cannot even believe it! We’re ending the year strong with an incredible community, so much fun, and even more goodness to come in 2023. In todays ep I’m answering your juicy questions and sharing my 2023 Favorites, all linked here!
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For smart and superficial girls everywhere, this podcast helps multifaceted women untangle society's expectations of them through candid conversations and tangible tips for crafting your own journey. Hosted by Alexis Barber, creator and full-time Content Strategist at YouTube, you'll hear both the realities of being an ambitious 20-something that identifies as a material girl and plenty of gems from our wide range of guests. Follow the show on Instagram and TikTok at @toocollective.


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