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4. Workout Programs 101 with Eric Helms

4. Workout Programs 101 with Eric Helms

Länge: 1:17:20
Today we interview Dr. Eric Helms about the what, why, how of workout programs, particularly from a beginner's perspective. 
On Boostcamp App, you can find Eric's free novice and intermediate bodybuilding program templates from the Muscle and Strength Pyramid books.
1:10 – Who is Eric Helms?
8:23 – What is a workout program?
14:55 – How to find the best program for you?
28:05 – What is progressive overload?
34:45 – Beginner vs advanced programs
39:05 – How should beginners measure progress?
46:07 – Are you a beginner or intermediate lifter?
52:38 – Does strength matter for muscle gain?
58:10 – Program hopping...When and how?
1:05:22 – How to deload?
1:09:20 – How to modify a workout program?
1:16:00 – How to find Eric Helms?
Eric Helms
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/helms3dmj
Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/team3dmj
Coaching:  https://www.3dmusclejourney.com
Books: https://muscleandstrengthpyramids.com 
Boostcamp App
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Website: https://www.boostcamp.app/
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