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E22: And you shall rest on the seventh (Keeping Shemitah as a farmer) with Avichai Koch

E22: And you shall rest on the seventh (Keeping Shemitah as a farmer) with Avichai Koch

Länge: 1:23:28
Leaving one’s job for an entire year brings up many concerns and questions relating to one’s livelihood. How will I provide for my family? What if I lose my contracts with companies because I have taken a year off? Should I even bother being a farmer anymore? How will I spend my days during this year? Is it really necessary to observe Shemittah, maybe I can just do a היתר מכירה? What will people think of me when they see I don’t have a job this year?
In this episode, we will hear from Avichai Koch. A farmer who is observing shemittah. Avichai shares his experiences and the difficulties that come with abstaining from working his fields during the year of שמיטה. But most importantly, we will hear how Avichai’s אמונה and ביטחון makes it so clear to him that there is no option but to keep שמיטה.
A big thank you to Avichai Koch for sharing his story and experiences with us.
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