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Why People Are Not Taking Your Business Seriously. The SECRET to becoming the person Everyone wants to do Business with

Why People Are Not Taking Your Business Seriously. The SECRET to becoming the person Everyone wants to do Business with

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Every day I have conversations with women. Some coaching conversations and some amongst strangers and friends and by far this is the underlying frustration I hear most- whether they say it with these words or not I know.  So i wanna rip off the bandaid and get jiggy with it. Lets talk about WHY people aren't taking you seriously- lets own up to what we can do to change that because we have a certain measure of control. Lets figure out how to rock 3 Key Areas and not only be taken seriously but attract incredible clients, people, friends into our space and unapologetically DO the THING whether we feel the support or not. 
Lets get it!
Girl- Confidence looks good on you
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Do you question whether you are on the right path in life?Do you wish you had inspiration that felt REAL without all the fluff?Do you wish you had the confidence to step into who God calls you to be?Are you ready to choose freedom over fear? Imagine yourself at a level 10 confidence, creating a life where your passion can be your paycheck because you have chosen to take imperfect action rather than staying in the worry zone.You no longer feel frustrated because you have a deep knowing that God is directing your steps and you are on the right path. You are showing up as the future YOU where inner healing is abound and your default is choosing freedom over fear! Im Justine, a 30 something multi passionate entrepreneur that was tired of living my life through the lense of fear. I knew God had called me to something big but it was my limiting beliefs and resistance to healing my trauma that held me back from living full out. My own moment of Courage to face my most painful experiences was the catalyst that transformed everything. The key to choosing and experiencing true breakthrough and peace was possible on the other side of everything i feared. I created a life where anxiety no longer had power over me or kept me standing still. It’s through honest conversation and faith based mentorship that I can help you to do the same. If you are ready to get out of your own way so you can chase down your God inspired dreams, this podcast is for you!Email: Couragequeenpod@gmail.comInstagram: @Couragequeenpod Facebook Free + Fun Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/275631504657791/?ref=share


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