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S3 Episode 19 - New Robux Scam; LANKYBLOX BANNED!

S3 Episode 19 - New Robux Scam; LANKYBLOX BANNED!

Länge: 19:42
Lankynlox BANNED? A new Robux scam? WHEN ISN'T THERE DRAMA!
We have returned! AFTER 4 WEEKS! So sorry for the massive delay in episodes. We've been dealing with school and last week the video got messed up. But that ended up being a blessing because I then made a lot of changes to the podcast. If you've noticed, we have a new logo, a new YOUTUBE CHANNEL, and a new layout. So the segments are the same but on YouTube things are back to the style they were earlier in Season 3 with the video podcasts. So all the YouTube links will be below! ENJOY! 
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