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Episode Forty-Four - The Box (Richard Kelly Appreciation)

Episode Forty-Four - The Box (Richard Kelly Appreciation)

Länge: 46:35
Today, we discuss 2009's The Box directed by Richard Kelly and starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden. We also discuss the rest of Kelly's filmography in a celebration of his work.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 9.12.2022, 18:00:00


Why Would You Show Me This? is a podcast where hosts Will and Dani show each other films that they would not otherwise watch to get an outsider prospective and also, to torture each other a little bit. Each new episode will feature a different film to discuss and dissect. You can expect Will to pick more arthouse type films while Dani sticks with the more mainstream fare. As the podcast goes on, there will be guests coming on to talk about the films chosen or even bring films on to watch! Either way, one of them is probably going to have a bad time.


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