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S01E08: The First Times X Durva Leena Arun

S01E08: The First Times X Durva Leena Arun

Länge: 1:02:17
There is a saying,"At any given point in time, you have the power to say that the story is not going to end like this."  And, at the exact moment you say it out loud is the moment you begin ascending towards a happier path in life. Such is the story of Durva Leena Arun that she revealed while talking to me. We had a grand time chatting about how abuse is emotional and mental first, and then physical in a relationship. If we give up emotionally, thats when we start losing ourselves. It is sensitive and intimate but ever so inspiring to simply walk out.
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Punchy.Powerful.Primordial. Place where wonderful women talk about their first times... The First Times that led them onto the long & tedious but rewarding journey of Resilience and Grit. How they relate their vulnerabilities, and response to it, in personal space to that with COVID19 and Workplace biases. Kicking Ass, while standing tall, is our formidable line of guests! Brain child and passion of Priyanka Moza.


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