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Christmas 2021 - God Rest Ye Frightened Gentlemen

Christmas 2021 - God Rest Ye Frightened Gentlemen

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Welcome back for this year's Christmas Ghost Story. Written by  William Wymark Jacobs in 1897, an author best known for his horror story The Monkey's Paw.  This story reveals the tale of Jerry Bundler and the long term effects of his visit to a tavern,  that still casts a shadow over revellers celebrating Christmas 80 years later....
Jon Briggs is a journalist,  broadcaster and voice over. You may know him better as the original voice of Siri in the UK or the BBC's Weakest Link quiz show. You can contact him via  http://www.jonbriggs.com
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Since Victorian times, Christmas has traditionally been the time of year to gather around a log fire, turn the lights down low and indulge in a Ghost Story. Every year - journalist and broadcaster Jon Briggs (also known as the original voice of Siri in the UK) has recorded a haunted tale - thrilling enough to freeze your mulled wine and send shivers down the back of Santa's neck.They are collated here for your delectation and delight from 2015 onwards. Don't forget to come back next Christmas...will you?


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