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A Late Visit from a Preeclampsia Diagnosis: Joy's story, Part II

A Late Visit from a Preeclampsia Diagnosis: Joy's story, Part II

Länge: 41:50
Today we hear the second half of my conversation with Joy about how her experience with preeclampsia played out and her efforts to understand what happened to her, why her hospital care was so chaotic, and how she and her husband returned to a more stable place. I also include more from my conversation with Dr. Oparil and Dr. Sinkey. Both doctors have done important work in the hypertension and preeclampsia space. We pick up Joy's story just after the birth of her daughter, and just before she is told she likely has preeclampsia.
For more extended show notes, see: http://warstoriesfromthewomb.com/
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Pregnancy is a stress test for a woman’s body, and for a regrettably large share of women this test is a challenge. We’ll hear women’s incredible stories--in their own words-- about their experiences with pregnancy and birth and revel in their ultimate triumph. We’ll hear about the mountains many have climbed to create a family, and be inspired by their strength and resilience.


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