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Episode 26: The American Perimeter Trail

Episode 26: The American Perimeter Trail

Länge: 1:47:23
Hell Ya interviews Rue McKenrick, the father of the American Perimeter Trail (APT). Rue is a professional backpacker, conservationist and Executive director of the APTC. Rue spent 600 days hiking the roughly 14,000 mile APT, around the circumference of the U.S.A.. Rue is only days away from finishing the entirety of the trail, which he plans on doing this summer. Rue talks about his adventures on trail and the things he has learned from all his hiking experience as well as starting a long distance trail and conservation corridor. 
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What the hell is "Hiker Trash?" Some wear the term as a badge of honor, others use it in disgust, but Hiker Trash is more than a mere adjective for a dirty thru-hiker. Hiker Trash is a philosophy, a way of life, potentially even a catalyst for finding meaning. Thru-hiker, Scott "Hell Ya Jesus" Hughes, shares and explores what it really means to be Hiker Trash through personal anecdotes and interviews with hikers, adventurers and all those who challenge the status quo in Hiker Trash fashion

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