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Arishaland: Success in Cannabis, weekly Cannabis Updates and More

Arishaland: Success in Cannabis, weekly Cannabis Updates and More

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Welcome to Arishaland: 
Highly Productive
Cannabis Lounge meeting, Stay Fuzzy With Arisha Magic Live Show 4:20pm PT Facebook, every Thursday. 
New Article published: Business Innovators Magazine by Carol Santella
Link Published in Business Innovators Magazine : 
Debunking stereotypes
Cannabis study shows it helps prevent Alzheimerz Disease
Opioid addiction and pain killers
Govt HiJinx
Colombia's bringing fear to Marco Rubio (FL) and Chuck Grassley (IA).
Illinois - lack of diversity and still not able to get improved.
Trump- on a survey, he indicated that people who sell illegal drugs should receive the death penalty.
Tennessee republican law makers are still being racist.
UK, police are requesting stricter cannabis penalties - as we can see, Brittney Griner still locked up
Holy Smokes
Jamaica setting selves up for medicinal marijuana.
Washington D.C. oppose a crackdown on unregulated gifting marijuana businesses.
NY created a cannabis cultivation guide.
Amazon unfairly not allowing bongs and other items for sale.
NY received 903 licenses for those impacted and wanting a license.
Oregon joined California for the transfer of cannabis products.
High Note
Dub Funk Music Nation, our independent music label has been constantly pushing out songs. We have 100 commercially available now. 
Huge thank you to Radio Wigwam for featuring us www.radiowigwam.co.uk 
Be on the lookout by visiting: arishaland.com
Song to end: Rize Up Deja Vu by Manic Sound Expulsion.
Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/arishaland/message
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An Immersive Cannabis & Culture POTcast
What does “Arisha” mean?
Arisha is a new brand created by pairing parts of the name Ariel and Sadie-Sha together. Arisha is a term traditionally associated with cooperative partnering, royalty, and greatness in folklore. In modern terms, Arisha represents cooperative interaction among strong, competent, socially aware women who inspire greatness. And in the larger world Arisha provides positivity, love, and leadership among all socially aware lives.
Women Owned, Minority Owned, Cannabis (Delta 8, Delta 9, CBD) and Music, a new genre DUB FUNK.

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