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The VO Life - EP97 - Paul Schmidt

The VO Life - EP97 - Paul Schmidt

Länge: 32:57
Paul Schmidt is a guy who tells it... and isn't afraid to face questions.  His You Tube channel covers a variety of topics that inspire, teach and make you want to be a better VO.  Sort of reminds me of church.  If you get your toes stepped on, maybe the sermon is for you. I always liked those preachers who made me look within deeper and want to know more... and Paul may be just that... the VO Evangelist!  Listen and lean in and learn as Paul talks about his journey, marketing, demos and more on todays episode.  Find him everywhere by searching Paul Schmidt Pro.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 10.3.2023, 16:14:36


2020 brought a slew of new VO artists to the table and many will try to climb the ladder to success. I started the Ladder with Will to help those climbing... and although we've parted ways the ladder is still a part of the journey to living THE VO LIFE... so those episodes are still up and relevant. Catch up on all of the OLD podcasts from the ladder before they are gone and for now, catch the new VO LIFE episodes here or on other feeds!

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