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The Greeks Do It Better ft. Greg

The Greeks Do It Better ft. Greg

Länge: 32:29
This week, Acacia and Avantika are joined by Greg from Greece who lives on Acacia's floor in her apartment. Listen in to hear all of Greg's crazy stories, including how he has miraculously not flunked out of college despite not going to a single class in three years.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 30.1.2023, 21:02:27


Formerly Friendship in a Time of Coronavirus, join hosts Avantika and Acacia as they discuss the unconventional way they met due to coronavirus and tell stories about everything from college life to hobbies and guy drama!
New episodes every other Monday at 12pm MST!
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Cover art by Acacia | Intro theme song "All That" from Bensound.com


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