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The coral island chapter 4

The coral island chapter 4

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The coral island was R M Ballantyne’s third and most successful book it was first published in 1857 and has not been out of print since then part of the books appeal may be the fact that the coral island was one of the first books ever to feature children going on adventures without adult supervision the writers exotic settings interesting characters an engaging writing style quickly made him a firm favourite with young audiences and he is credited with helping to establish the children’s adventure story genre friendship is a significant theme in many of his books including the coral island almost all of the writer’s novels featuring young men who become the protagonists of Their own life while seeking adventure in the coral island three boys become friends when they end up on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific the coral island had a profound impact on a number of important items including Robert Louis Stevenson and William Golding
Stevenson’s famous children’s story treasure Island 1881 was partly based on this book Golding well-known 1954 Novel Lord of the flies was also inspired by the coral island the key difference between the two books is that the coral island the natives are portrayed as savages whereas the Golding’s book The castaway boys themselves become the savages in 2006 the coral island was voted one of the top 20 Scottish novels of all time
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