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Episode Fourteen - CFI - Prep and Check Ride

Episode Fourteen - CFI - Prep and Check Ride

Länge: 19:32
This episode covers what I believe to be the most difficult check ride thus far!  There is a lot to know and as a CFI, I now have tons of responsibility.  I started this journey in August of 2021 and am now helping others to start theirs!
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The Learning and Loving to Fly podcast is hosted by CFI, Brinton Thrasher.
In this podcast, Brinton details his journey through getting his private pilot certificate, instrument rating, and beyond.
I just completed CFI in February 2022 - next stop CFI-I - next episode as soon as I finish the check ride (hopefully by the end of April!)
If you have any questions, comments, notes, etc. please e-mail me at learningandlovingtofly@gmail.com! I'd love to hear from you! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/learningandlovingtofly/support


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