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14. Are You Blocking Your Manifestations?

14. Are You Blocking Your Manifestations?

Länge: 5:10
Today we are getting into the receiving vibes! Do you ever wonder why you aren’t receiving what you want to manifest?
On a conscious level, you may have felt and aligned with the desire. And you might be thinking about it-- feeling into it, imagining it’s yours. But on a subconscious level you may be telling the Universe to pump the breaks. 
In the episode, Kiera shares an activity that will give you a chance to uncover- and rewrite this signal through a quick activity. Let's go! 
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Edited by: Jared Landis
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Magic mode on! In this podcast, we use Human Design as a blueprint to master our energy, eliminate resistance, and step into our divine flow. You are the magic and every episode is an invitation to deeply meet yourself.
We are here for a lifetime of growth and transformation. It’s happening for you right here in this moment, just by tuning in. The magic is within you. It’s time to get acquainted.
Hosted by Kiera Doyle.


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