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16- MSAT Engineering at Humacyte + Job Searching on a Student Visa w/ Luciana Herrero

16- MSAT Engineering at Humacyte + Job Searching on a Student Visa w/ Luciana Herrero

Länge: 34:03
Lucy Herrero discusses Humacyte, her role as a Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT) Engineer at Humacyte, and provides advice on searching for jobs with a student visa.
Lucy Herrero's Bio:
After earning my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I entered the regenerative medicine world to fulfill my purpose of helping others through my career. I strive to serve with excellence as I collaborate in the optimization and operation of the LUNA200 platform at Humacyte. In addition to my primary job functions, I was recently recognized for leading and implementing a novel sitewide alarm management procedure, as well as developing program in Matlab for the quality control of raw materials. One of my favorite achievements is publishing an article at the Human Movement Science Journal as a primary author in 2020. Currently, my goal is to build expertise in tech transfer and knowledge management. Outside of work you can find me hiking with my dog or reading fantasy novels.
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