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Ep. 33: SEO Writing Series: 7 Keyword Types You Need to in Your Content Strategy

Ep. 33: SEO Writing Series: 7 Keyword Types You Need to in Your Content Strategy

Länge: 15:33
Part 6/8 of the SEO Writing Series: 7 Keyword Types You Need in Your Content Strategy
This is an 8-part series that walks you through creating high-impact content that scales the ranks of search engines and rakes in that sweet, sweet traffic. 
In part six, we talk all about keyword types. A lot of marketers leave money on the table by not using a variety of keywords. Let's talk about the different types of keywords that can generate more traffic and result in better conversions.
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This is the Let's Talk Copy podcast! This is where you come to learn the secrets of high-converting copy and how to launch, grow, AND scale your copywriting business. My name is Liz Slyman, and copywriting changed my life. From freelancer to award-winning agency owner, my copywriting business has allowed me to own my own time–and ultimately, my own life. I'm here to help you achieve the same freedom. So, if you're ready to do this: let's talk copy.

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