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Ep 16 - David Hammon - Hammon Holdings

Ep 16 - David Hammon - Hammon Holdings

Länge: 42:25
In this episode, we hear from the Group CEO of Hammon Holdings - David Hammon.
Hammon Holdings are a 3rd generation family business that runs Scenic World, and Bridgeclimb and also is a cornerstone investor in Sydney Zoo.
David has a very relaxed style. He has really focused on building the team around him.
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Join us and hear from today's leaders. Whether they are running a privately owned business, leading a team within an organization, or heading up not for profits they all have people they lead and manage. What have they learned about leading a team? What are some of the techniques they have used to get the best from their teams? How have they handled the difficult conversations with team members? This podcast is a relaxed interview style format that is perfect to listen to whilst you are heading to and from work. We hope you love to learn from others and their experiences.


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