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25: Adopting a Coaching Mindset in Parenting with Kelly Hunt

25: Adopting a Coaching Mindset in Parenting with Kelly Hunt

Länge: 33:27
In this episode, Chris Rivers speaks with Kelly Hunt about the changing roles of parenthood and how to effectively engage teenagers and young adults. Using the analogy of a coach, Kelly encourages listeners to guide their adult children from the “sidelines” while allowing them to feel the weight of responsibility and build confidence.
Read Luke 15:11-24. Looking at this passage from the perspective of the father, what is one thing you notice or can apply to your role as a parent?
Are you currently operating as an authoritative parent or functioning more as a coach? Based on the stage of life your child is currently in, what shifts might you need to make?
Think about a coach who has been influential in your life. What parallels can you make between their role and the role you have as a parent?
How are you serving as an anchor in your children’s lives? What is one action step you can take to move towards your children and be available to them?
If you know a man who would benefit from hearing this episode, share it with him. Having intentional conversations around these principles is a great way to disciple and help others move towards Christ.
Have questions or want us to discuss a topic? Email us at: menatgrace@gracechurchsc.org.
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