Four months after the pilot episode of "Pucks!" had a promising start the first season of the series is produced. But the marriage of successful British authors Beverly (Tamsin Greig) and Sean (Stephen Mangan) is in ruins because Beverly's affair with lead actor Matt LeBlanc. Finally, the sitcom goes on air. The initial success of "Pucks!" breaks fast because a competing channels shows the extremely popular series "Talking Dog" at the same time – just one of those productions that studio boss Merc Lapidus (John Pankow) previously rejected ... The three must go on working together. Matt LeBlanc tries to win former "Friends" colleagues for a guest appearance in the show but only receives negative replies. Everyone involved seems to deal with the slump in its own way: Beverly attempts to save the marriage with Sean, Matt regains the confidence of Sean and Beverly, Sean sleeps with an attractive actress of the show, Carol continues to meet with Merc while Matt starts an affair with Mercs wife Jamie ... How will it all go on? How is the TV Network respond to Mercs bankruptcy? And why have apparently all a 'good wire' to the old "Friends" – except of "Joey"?!?


Kein Eintrag