After the shocking revelations of the first season, "12 Monkeys" returns for a second season as time traveler Cole continues his decades-spanning journey to prevent a deadly plague from wiping out all of mankind. Due to an unforeseen paradox, Cole finds himself unable to travel back in time. Meanwhile, Jennifer appears to be on the brink of unleashing the deadly virus. Every action has history-altering potential in this mind-bending race against time.


The season definitely has caption.

The 2nd season is even better than the first one. Very intense. Surprising plot twists. Great acting. The end of the season is mindblowing, but I don't want to spoiler.
And: Don't trust the comments that say there are no caption. I watched the whole season and it definitely has caption. You just have to activate in the options.

Thanks for the hint

Von mir persönlich
Either I discovered that iTunes lowers the quality. I need the caption and I refuse to buy series without caption.
What's about deaf people? I'm not deaf but anyway, to my opinion it's inconsiderately not to support these people. So unfortunately I can't buy the series. Though I'd love to watch it.

No Caption

I can’t say whether season 2 is worth its salt or not. But I can tell you what it has in common with House of Cards S4 - no caption. Seems like this is a new marketing strategy from Apple albeit one is wondering who they target with their approach of lowering the quality. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to tell what will happen, I reckon disappointed clients will look for competitive offers, legal or not.