Polite notice: we would like to reassure all customers who have reported not hearing any sound in the app that your Apple device has special sound settings that you can adjust. First check that the side switch is not activated (you should not see a red dot on the switch). Then ensure the volume is turned up. Now open the app. If you still hear no sound at this point, then swipe up from the very bottom of your screen and when you see the arrow swipe up again to pull up the on-screen menu pages. Ensure you are on the first menu page and if you see a red button with a bell and a line through it this is means your ringer is set to mute and is why you cannot hear any sound in our app. Simply touch the button to turn the sound back on. Now swipe down on the menu to return to the app and you should now hear sound when you play a song. For an in-depth guide please see this link:
All our hugely popular songs from Jolly Phonics are now available in one fun app, which includes the actions too! Children will love learning their letter sounds by singing along to the Jolly Songs and doing the actions. Being able to identify the letter sounds in words will help them with both their reading and writing. This app will entertain the whole family or school classroom.
• Easily switch between British or American English and Precursive or Print letter fonts.
• There's a highlighter option to track each word as it is sung, helping the child to read. This can also be switched off.
• Includes the vowels song.
• Includes a description and an image for each of the Jolly Phonics actions.
• Easy to use navigation to quickly find the song you want to play.
• With beautiful illustrations from our Jolly Songs book.
• Includes an index of all the songs.
For further support please see this link:
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Čo je nové v tejto verzii? (1.1)

* Features faster and smoother loading of song pages.
* Fixes an issue where you have to wait to tap settings and where the app did not remember the current group when returning from the info page.
* Fixes some usability issues in the Vowel Song page
* Smaller more efficient file




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